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Oh hey there! 

I’m Kate – the creative, story-telling heart behind the lens at Kate Morse Photography. As Northwest Florida based photographer, I adore capturing energetic families, romantic couples and beautiful weddings. Life is full of purposeful memories and love-stories – capturing the adventures those bring is what I wish to capture for you. So, if you’re ready for some serious love, laughter and memory-making, you have come to the right place. I can’t wait to meet you!!


Let's do this thing friend! 

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The Experience:

No awkward posing. No fake smiles. I dig the real, authentic you! That is what I want to capture! You and your sweet-smelling tiny babe, you and your true love promising your futures together, you and your family all together, just being yourselves. Because friend, you are what matters. Your story needs to be captured and I would be so honored to be the one behind the lens, bringing your story to photographs.


If you're looking for a photographer who will book you and you'll never hear from until the day of the session, I'm honestly not the one for you. Behind this lens, you'll find a girl who cares deeply about you and will be with ya every step of the way.

Let's find a date that works for your family and get our planning going! We can swoon together over locations. I'll be there for outfit guidance. We can relish in the details that tell your story. Share away and we will document exactly that - what makes you, YOU! Let's capture this chapter for exactly what it is - unique, perfect, and beautiful. 

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"Kate is amazing! She is incredibly charismatic and has a way of bringing out the genuine side of people that doesn’t, often, come out in photos. If you have stubborn photo takers, she is your girl! I have had two sessions with Kate, so far, and have been so amazed at what she has been able to capture when it felt like all we were giving her was a mess!"


- Kaelie P.

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